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Introducing the game-changing PSHB Supplementary Surfactant! With emergency registration pending, this innovative solution is here to revolutionize the way we think about conventional surfactants.


Say goodbye to adverse effects and hello to optimized biological efficacy. Our surfactant removes the cuticle wax layer of plant surfaces while reducing surface tension and enhancing water solubility. Don't let your plants fall victim to sun, heat, and chilling damage - try PSHB today!



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Introducing PANAF 1 - the ultimate liquid solution to combat plant scourge! With its specially formulated ingredients, PANAF 1 enhances the plant's intrinsic self-defense potential and fights off invasive pests at the root level. Not only that, but it also serves as a natural insecticide and protects the root architecture. Say goodbye to plant problems with PANAF 1!

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Introducing PANAF 2 - the liquid solution that's designed to give your plants ultimate boost! Our specially formulated product is packed with essential biomaterials that help your plants grow, maintain and defend themselves like never before.


With PANAF 2, your plants will have everything they need to thrive, even in the face of biotic and abiotic stressors. Plus, our solution is perfect for promoting optimal photosynthesis and ensuring your plants are in tip-top shape fruiting, flowering and pollination. Give your plants the gift of PANAF 2 today!

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Introducing PANAF 2CS - the ultimate solution for ensuring continuous meristem activity during fruiting and flowering processes. This specially formulated liquid not only provides additional photosynthetic support but also facilitates optimal glucose production for fruit.


With PANAF 2CS FOLIAR NUTRITION, you can witness the remarkable effects of foliar feeding on plants like Peppadew and sunflowers. The results speak for themselves - higher yields, larger and healthier fruits, and a naturally stronger plant. Don't settle for standard treatments, upgrade to PANAF 2CS for a bountiful harvest.

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Heat and drought protection is crucial for cells and organisms. The ANODS by Pan African Farms delivers lipids to cell membranes to reduce cell damage. Chitosan, a bio-stimulant, induces natural defense response in plants, elevating antioxidant enzymes to scavenge ROS. This cocktail of natural ingredients provides strong heat and drought protection.

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In the world of vegetable farming, growing seedlings under controlled conditions is a common practice. However, transplanting these seedlings in a bare-root state can leave them vulnerable to various conditions of shock, such as transplant shock, root injury, and growth delay. To combat these issues, PANAF 4 has been specially formulated as a liquid inoculant to protect against fungal and nematode damage, enhance seedling resilience against stressors, and ensure optimal photosynthetic processes and continuous meristem activation. With PANAF 4, you can attain optimal seed germination and protect your seedlings from the harsh realities of transplantation.

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Introducing PANAF 5 - the ultimate solution for farmers looking to tackle unique problems with custom-designed specialty solutions. This liquid formula serves as a trans-foliar nutrient system and a mask to overcome drug resistance of chemicals. Plus, it increases bioavailability and trans-foliar delivery of added ingredients.


With PANAF 5, you'll enjoy improved delivery of active ingredients and increased bio-availability, all while saving costs by reducing the quantity of additives needed. Say goodbye to drug resistance and hello to the benefits of lipids and chitosan with PANAF 5.

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PANAF 6 offers rapid and effective penetration through the cell wall and membrane, making it a powerful anti-fungal with low risk of drug resistance. Its natural plant-based ingredients make it organic, non-toxic, and environmentally safe. The formula is broad-spectrum and can be used for preventative purposes or as a foliar application without causing cytotoxicity or foliar damage.

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Introducing PANAF 7 - the ultimate liquid solution for crop protection! Our specially formulated formula is designed to equip your plants with the necessary bio-materials to self-defend against bacterial infections. Not only that, but PANAF 7 also ensures that your plants have the necessary biomaterial for self-repair following any bacterial damage. Say goodbye to crop infections and hello to healthy, thriving plants with PANAF 7!

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PANAF 8 is a magical elixir, carefully crafted to prevent the withering of scion by hastening the joining process. It works wonders by promoting the accumulation of meristem cells at the shoot-scion connection and grafting wound, thereby accelerating the healing process. With its unique formula, PANAF 8 also ensures that scion-leaves can carry on with their normal photosynthesis, while keeping senescence at bay.

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Introducing PANAF 10 - the ultimate liquid solution for your plants! Specially formulated to enhance photosynthetic efficiency, light utilization, glucose production, and photo damage protection, especially against UV radiation damage. PANAF 10 is designed to increase photosynthesis and chlorophyll, as proven by the Department of Botany at NWU, South Africa. Their comparison of leaf surfaces treated and untreated showed a 5-fold increase in photosynthesis with PANAF 10. With increased photosynthesis comes a chain-effect on the energy potential, resilience, and growth of your plants. Give your plants the boost they deserve with PANAF 10!

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Introducing PANAF 13 - the revolutionary solution for post-harvest fruit treatment! Our specially formulated product offers a non-toxic alternative to extend the shelf life of your produce. Say goodbye mass loss during storage and the need for chlorine washing and wax removal. PANAF 13 has been to prevent postharvest blue and green mould infection on mandarin fruit, as confirmed by M.Sc. and Cand. Sci. Nat. NJR Roets. Try PANAF 13 today and experience the difference for yourself!

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Introducing PANAF 14 - a powerful blend of essential oils, magnesium, zinc, iron, copper, chlorine, manganese, and boron, all in a unique biosurfactant carrier. This micronutrient solution is easily absorbed through foliar application, promoting healthy growth and development in plants. Say goodbye to deficiencies and hello to optimal hormonal efficiency with PANAF 14.

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