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"Pan African Farms is dedicated to addressing the challenges faced by food crops due to environmental, climatic, and pathogenic factors. Our unique range of non-toxic and environmentally-friendly products, ANODS and Chitosan, work together to help plants cope with a variety of stressors, diseases, and pests". "Our holistic approach to problem-solving ensures that each component contributes in a unique manner, resulting in revolutionary and previously unachieved results".

"Our Superpowers"

Nano particles which allow deep and rapid penetration through leaves, stems and roots.

Delivery of required active ingredients to target site.

All-natural active ingredients that are non-toxic.

Elimination or reduction of drug resistance.

Induction of defense and immune related responses.

Increased bio-availability of active ingredients.

Increased Photosynthesis.

Improved nutrient deployment.

Improved crop quality and quantity.

This movie is to demonstrate what a ANODS looks like in real life. Interesting is the “glow” projected by the big one.


It seems sun-like and seems to contain a lot of structural energy. Interesting also the millions of tiny ANODS surrounding this, some of which are too small to measure.

This movie is to demonstrate what ANODS look like in real life. Note the actives that are in-trapped inside the ANODS.

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