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So, there's been a lot of talk lately about whether we should keep using regular surfactants. You know, those things that help make water-insoluble stuff dissolve in water, keep formulas consistent, and make sprays stick to surfaces better. But turns out, they might not be so great after all. Studies have shown that they can make plants lose way more water than they should, and make them more vulnerable to damage from the sun, heat, and cold. Plus, some of them are super acidic and mess with the soil, while others are just plain toxic and can make you sick. That's why people are looking into this new PSHB Supplementary Surfactant product , which is supposed to be safer.

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Our company is dedicated to providing the highest quality plant care products on the market. That's why we the ANODS-approach, which contains only natural lipids, Chitosan, and Vitamin E. These ingredients offer a wide range of benefits to plants, including optimal adherence to plant surfaces and enhanced cellular delivery.

ANODS acts as a natural surfactant, which means it can entrap intended compounds and offer a natural transport vehicle for these compounds. This makes it much more effective than conventional surfactants, which can be harmful to plants. Additionally, ANODS is amphiphilic, which means it has a wider compound solubility co-efficient. This makes it much more effective at delivering nutrients and other compounds to plants.

One of the key benefits of ANODS is that it targets cells with optimal biological efficacy, which means it requires much less active ingredients and toxins than other plant care products. It also protects cuticle wax layers, which are essential for plant health, without disrupting their natural water loss/retention ratio.

Finally, ANODS can be further enhanced with ligands to reach target organelles or pathogens, making it the best choice for anyone who wants to provide the best possible care for their plants. With ANODS, you can be confident that your plants are receiving the highest quality care available.

After trying out different insecticides, we've discovered that Cypermethrin is the most eco-friendly option that still gets the job done. Our research shows that a 0.4% concentration of commercial Cypermethrin in ANODS-based Surfactant is a whopping 300% more effective than a 20% commercial product without the ANODS-based Surfactant. Check out the table below for more details.

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