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Introducing PANAF 8, a specially formulated liquid designed to accelerate the joining process and expedite healing of grafting wounds. PANAF 8 enhances meristem cell accumulation at the shoot-scion connection, while also helping scion-leaves to continue normal photosynthesis and avoid leaf senescence.

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  • PANAF 8 as a promotor of, and supporter of stem cell activity was used in grafting as shown below.

  • In grafting process all activities involved are highly dependent on ‘meristem’ (or Stem Cell) activity.

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  • The first indication that grafting was successful is when the first scion appears on the upper section of the joint.

  • In the example right we show the first scion after 5 weeks. Standard approach would take 12 weeks or longer.

"Macadamia trees 2 months after grafting. Stem Cell grafting with PANAF 8 was 99% successful"

screen shot 2022-06-28 at 113250 am.jpg
screen shot 2022-06-28 at 113432 am.jpg

"Twigs 3 weeks after spraying with PANAF 8. Standard approach would take at least 8 weeks or longer to reach the same size".

PANAF 8: Nursery Study

The study aimed to investigate the potential of PANAF 8, a meristem stimulator, to expedite the clonal propagation of avocado trees in a commercial nursery. Specifically, it sought to assess whether PANAF 8 could enhance seedling germination and plantlet growth after etiolation, potentially reducing the nursery period. Avocado seeds were treated with various concentrations of PANAF 8, and the effects on germination and plantlet growth were evaluated.

The findings indicate that PANAF 8 treatment did not significantly affect the overall growth of nursery avocado trees. However, there were indications that a concentration of 1:160 PANAF 8 may improve the rooting success of clonal rootstocks, albeit not significantly. Nevertheless, this improvement could be economically beneficial for nurseries. Additionally, drenching plantlets with a 1:20 PANAF 8 treatment, followed by a 1:200 treatment two weeks later, significantly stimulated root growth, potentially resulting in trees with stronger root systems, which could enhance survival and growth post-transplanting.

In terms of seed germination, treating seeds with a 1:20 PANAF 8 solution led to slightly earlier completion of germination compared to untreated seeds. This suggests that PANAF 8 at this concentration may enhance seed germination for nurse rootstocks.

Overall, while PANAF 8 did not significantly shorten the nursery period, it showed promise in improving rooting success and root growth, which could have important implications for tree health and growth in orchards. Further research is warranted to explore its potential as an alternative to traditional rooting hormones like indole-butyric acid and its impact on long-term tree performance.

Screenshot 2024-02-13 at 09.57.28.png

The study compared the untreated control group with a PANAF 8 treatment at a concentration of 1:40, revealing significant differences in avocado tree growth and development. The PANAF 8 treatment at 1:40 concentration stimulated seed germination, resulting in earlier germination. The treated seedlings showed significantly improved root growth compared to the untreated control group, suggesting that PANAF 8 effectively stimulated root growth, leading to a more extensive and robust root system. 

During the early stages of plantlet growth, the PANAF 8-treated group showed slightly increased plantlet vigour, suggesting a trend towards enhanced plantlet vigour with PANAF 8 treatment. When transplanted into larger bags, the PANAF 8-treated plantlets showed improved root growth, suggesting that the treatment facilitates successful transplanting and establishment of avocado trees in larger containers. However, PANAF 8 treatment did not significantly affect above-ground growth parameters such as tree height, stem diameter, and leaf area, suggesting that while PANAF 8 promotes robust root development, its influence on above-ground growth may be limited or not yet fully realized during the study.




PANAF 8 can be applied through conventional ground equipment, aerial application, or through properly equipped irrigation systems.

PANAF 8 can be tank mixed with water and other liquid fertilizers and pesticides.

Soil Application: 1L per hectare.

Leaf Application: 1L per hectare

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  1. Use 200 part water to 1 part PANAF 8 - 1:200

  2. Put 200 parts water in a tank.

  3. Add 1 part PANAF 8 to water in tank.

  4. Mix the water with the PANAF 8.



  1. Use 15 part water to 1 part PANAF 8 - 1:15

  2. Put 15 parts water in a tank.

  3. Add 1 part PANAF 8 to water.

  4. Mix the water with the PANAF 8.



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