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PANAF 6 is a liquid that not only provides essential bio-material for plants to self-activate effective defense, but also assists in direct attack of fungal infections and self-repair of invasive damage. It enhances root resistance against invasive pests and reduces toxic pesticide build-up, making it a simplified alternative in the Integrated Pest Management Program.


With fungal infections causing devastating effects on crops, PANAF 6's anti-fungal properties are crucial in ensuring food security and biodiversity. Let's take a step towards controlling their emergence and proliferation with PANAF 6.

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Our formula boasts a liposomal base that allows for rapid penetration through the typically impenetrable cell wall, followed by quick acceptance by the cell membrane and transference beyond this barrier. The lipidic nature of the formula overcomes the hydrophobic barrier of the target fungus, while the polygenic and multi-cite nature of the formula keeps the risk of drug resistance low. Our ANODS technology further obscures the barrier functions from the active ingredients, making complete elimination of drug resistance possible.

As all ingredients are natural plant derivatives, our product qualifies as "organic" and is non-toxic and safe for both humans and the environment. The formula is also varied and can be adapted for preventative purposes as well as foliar application. With no substance that may cause cytotoxicity, foliar damage is eliminated. Our product is a broad-spectrum anti-fungal, serving as both anti-fungal, fungicidal, and fungi static. Plus, it causes minimal damage to the "good" and vital microbes in the soil.

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Our initial tests of the formula on a variety of fungi were highly encouraging and we share these results below. However, it stands to reason that extensive in vitro studies will now be necessary to confirm the behaviour of the above formula on as wide a scope of fungal families as possible.

EXPERIMENT 1. As we are not equipped to identify the various fungal families, it is not possible to name the particular strain used in the video on the right.

EXPERIMENT 2. The objective of this experiment was to confirm the penetrating potential of the formula to the cell wall of a fungus. In the photos below the presence of ANODS are clearly noticeable inside the Cell wall after 1 hour. After 24 hours this wall was severely damaged and disrupted.

fungi 2.jpg

EXPERIMENT 3. The objective of this experiment was to observe whether severe damage to the cell wall of a fungus was possible. The photo below shows a fungus where after 24 hours the cell wall has been completely eradicated and is now only left with a plasma membrane. This photo also shows large numbers of ANODS in what remains of the inside of the fungus.

"It's disheartening to learn that even certified seeds are not immune to fungal infections, as evidenced by the slide on the right. These pesky fungi wreak havoc on the delicate roots of new seedlings, leading to stunted growth and poor yields. Sadly, farmers are grappling with germination rates as low as 50%."

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PANAF 6 can be utilized through conventional ground equipment, aerial application, or properly equipped irrigation systems.


For soil application, the recommended dosage is 1L per hectare. Similarly, for leaf application, the recommended dosage is 1L per hectare. It has been proven that foliar (leaf) application is the most effective method of treatment.

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  1. Use 200 part water to 1 part PANAF 6 - 1:200

  2. Put 200 parts water in a tank.

  3. Add 1 part PANAF 6 to water in tank.

  4. Mix the water with the PANAF 6.


A special blend of Essential oils, Chitosan, Salicylic Acid and Vitamin E

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