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Introducing PANAF 4 - the ultimate solution for optimal seed germination and seedling resilience. This specially formulated liquid is designed to clear seeds of fungi, protect against fungal and nematode damage, and enhance seedling resilience against both abiotic and biotic stressors.


With PANAF 4, you can ensure effective cell differentiation, optimal photosynthetic processes, and continuous meristem activation. Say goodbye to transplant shock, root injury, and growth delay - PANAF 4 has got you covered.

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  • PANAF 4 offers a range of benefits that are essential for any successful vegetable farming operation. The active ingredients of salicylic acid and Thymol act as powerful inoculants and anti-pathogens, protecting your plants from nematode attacks and fungal infections. 
  • Additionally, the formula contains essential lipids that aid in nutrient absorption and transport, ensuring that your seedlings receive the nourishment they need to thrive. With PANAF 4, you can reduce the risk of transplant shock and loss of seedlings, while also strengthening roots and promoting faster recovery periods. Plus, experiments have shown that PANAF 4-treated plants recover better from extreme fluorescence exposure, making it an ideal choice for growers looking to maximize their yields and minimize their risks.
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  • In a field test comparing PANAF 4 with four commercial inoculants, the objective was to evaluate maize stand in a heavily nematode-infested farm. The results were impressive, with PANAF 4 outperforming the average of the commercial products. After just 10 days, PANAF 4 had 27% more stand, and after 15 days, it performed 22.5% better. 
  • The relative stand increase from day 10 to day 15 was also noteworthy, with PANAF 4 showing only a 5.9% increase compared to the average commercial products' 9.9% and the control's 11.9%. These results suggest that PANAF 4 promotes earlier germination, making it a valuable addition to any farm.
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A special blend of Essential oils, Chitosan, Tea Tree Oil, Vitamin E and Papain


Boost your plant growth with PANAF 4! You can apply it by dipping the seedlings' roots before planting or by spraying/dipping the seeds. Make sure to choose the right inoculant for your specific needs and only add water when necessary. Avoid adding water to peanut seed coats as it can damage them and inhibit germination. Dilute the inoculant as 1 part to 15 parts water in some cases, and use a light spray if seed clogging occurs after dipping.

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