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Introducing PANAF 1, a specially formulated liquid designed to combat the scourge of invasive pests. With its enhanced plant intrinsic self-defense potential, PANAF 1 helps protect root architecture and serves as a natural insecticide. Say goodbye to invasive pests and hello to a healthier, more vibrant Field/garden with PANAF 1.

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PANAF 1 offers a revolutionary solution to nematode infestations. Unlike current treatments that only focus on killing or repelling worms, PANAF 1 effectively destroys nematode eggs, a feat never achieved before. Our all-natural, non-toxic formula makes it accessible to a wider market, including organic farming. With PANAF 1, you can say goodbye to drug resistance and toxic treatments, and hello to healthier crops.

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A fascinating study was conducted at NWU Faculty of Natural Sciences, comparing the progression of Nematode eggs over a 3.5 month period. The graph below shows the cycles assumed four hatching intervals during this time. Egg assay was done at the end of the study, and values between Begin and Cycle 4 were calculated on a log scale. The results showed that treating plants with PANAF 1 during each subsequent hatching cycle is ideal, while a combined approach of root treatment with PANAF 4 and subsequent hatching cycle treatment with PANAF 1 is even more effective.



PANAF 1 can be applied through conventional ground equipment, aerial application, or through properly equipped irrigation systems.

PANAF 1 can be tank mixed with water and PANAF 2.


Soil Application: 1L per hectare.

Leaf Application: 1L per hectare.


Note: For soil application drenching will be advisable.

Foliar (leaf) application has been proven to be the most effective method of treatment

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1. Use 200 part water to 1 part PANAF 1 - 1:200.

2. Put 200 parts water in a tank.

3. Add 1 part PANAF 1 to water in tank.


4. Mix the water with the PANAF 1


A special blend of Essential oils, Chitosan, Salicylic Acid and Vitamin E

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