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Introducing PANAF 2 - the liquid that's designed to give your plants the ultimate boost! Our specially formulated solution equips your plants with all the essential biomaterials they need to thrive. From growth and maintenance to defense mechanisms, PANAF 2 ensures that your plants function optimally. With the necessary biomaterials to cope with biotic and abiotic stressors, your plants will maintain a healthy growth equilibrium. Plus, PANAF 2 facilitates the biomaterials necessary for optimal photosynthesis, even under adverse abiotic stress conditions. And that's not all - PANAF 2 also ensures optimal fruiting, flower, and pollination functioning. Give your plants the care they deserve with PANAF 2!

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PANAF 2 is a game-changer for plant growth. Our formula increases photosynthesis and chlorophyll by 5-fold, leading to a boost in energy potential, resilience, and growth. With increased nutrients and improved plant structure, our product also leads to a significant increase in crop yield. Plus, our natural macro-nutrients and liposomal delivery mechanism allow for a reduction in production costs by minimizing the need for chemical fertilizers. Choose PANAF 2 for a healthier, more productive Crop.

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Increased nutrients. The tables on the right show the difference in nutrient content of Beetroot, Spinach and tomatoes respectively using PANAF 2.

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  • Increases plant structure. The photo on the left shows the enhanced growth of the roots of spinach after 8 weeks.


  • Increased crop yield. We have shown above that the maize crop was increased by 29%. The spinach crop was increased by 18%.

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PANAF 2 can be applied through conventional ground equipment, aerial application, or through properly equipped irrigation systems.Soil Application: 1L per hectare.Leaf Application: 1L per hectare.


  1. Use 200 part water to 1 part PANAF 2 - 1:200.

  2. Put 200 parts water in a tank.

  3. Add 1 part PANAF 2 to water in tank.

  4. Mix the water with the PANAF 2.


A special blend of Essential oils, Flax Seed Oil and Vitamin E

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