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Our approach to creating the PSHB insecticide was nothing short of holistic. But when it comes to tackling fungi, we've found that a multi-site approach is the way to go. Not only does it reduce the risk of drug resistance, but it's also more effective overall. Our research has shown that using a polygenic formulation greatly reduces the risk of rapid drug resistance in fungi. And with the ANODS system, we've designed a formulation that can partially or wholly circumvent drug resistance.

The Rational behind it:

Fungi pose a major challenge in phyto-pathogenic treatment due to their impenetrable cell wall and selective cell membrane. Successful anti-fungal preparations must overcome these barriers. However, the cell wall has tiny gaps and fungi require lipids for survival, while the cell membrane has receptors. The PSHB Fungicidal formula contains natural, non-toxic ingredients for safe use in urban areas. ANODS developed by Pan African Farms can deliver cargo deeper into the cell core without invoking a defensive reaction from outer layers.

Tree Stump


The PSHB fungicidal formula offers a range of benefits due to its ANODS base. It can penetrate through the thick and seemingly impenetrable cell wall of the target fungus, and is quickly accepted by the cell membrane. The lipidic nature of the formula allows it to overcome the hydrophobic barrier of the fungus's outer surface.


The formula's polygenic and multi-cite nature also reduces the risk of drug resistance. Additionally, all ingredients are natural plant derivatives, making it an organic and non-toxic product that is safe for the environment and vital microbes in the soil. The formula is versatile and can be adapted for preventative purposes or foliar application, without causing cytotoxicity or foliar damage.

8 Min- Fusarium treated with PSHB FUNGICIDAL after 8 min.

10min- Fusarium treated with PSHB FUNGICIDAL after 10min (note changes in colour).

100min- Fusarium treated with PSHB FUNGICIDAL after 100min (note less Fusarium).

105min- Fusarium treated with PSHB FUNGICIDAL after 105min (note cell wall perforation) Zoomed in.

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